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Welcome to QLT!

QLT is a company promoting table tennis in different ways. We're based in Sint-Amandsberg (near Ghent, Belgium) where's you'll find a large hall that will cater for 21 tables. There's also parking space. We'll be open for training every day, except for special holdidays. Everyone aged 6 years or older is welcome to join. We'll also make part of the hall available for companies or individuals who are looking to organize activities such as a company or birthday tournament. We can also take care of the organization of such a tournament for you.

B tournament

QLT organizes a B tournament together with TTC Gent.

Registration for one series costs 7 euros. All players must register no later than half an hour before the start of their 1st series. Registration through Frenoy. For additional questions, email to Jago Lowagie or FB Messenger.

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